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About Us

Photo of Maryland Black Mayors members and Gov Moore at 2023 MD Mayors Conference

We uplift our communities to ensure equality, justice, and empowerment.


Maryland Black Mayors Inc. is a private, nonpolitical, nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation representing more than 700,000 citizens and residents. It was established in 1990 and incorporated in 2000.


In recent years, MBM has expanded its vision and membership to include all Maryland mayors of color. Our Black and Brown leadership:

  • Takes on complex challenges with a unique perspective.

  • Bridges cultural gaps and brings innovation and creativity to the forefront.

  • Elevates members’ power and influence to positively impact our communities.

  • Recognizes and challenges the racism inherently embedded in policies and institutions.

  • Works to ensure Black and Brown communities are included, valued and promoted to leadership positions.


MBM, Inc. was created to promote and develop program models designed to:

  • Improve educational, economic, health and social levels within the respective jurisdictions of its members.

  • Provide efficient, responsive support and networking opportunities within members' jurisdictions.

  • Promote efficient and responsive government within all of the jurisdictions served by the membership, through studies of special problems of common concern.

  • Implement the development and maintenance of social, educational and economic programs / projects designed to enhance residents' quality of life in affected municipalities.

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