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The Maryland Black Mayors, Inc. (MBM) in partnership with the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at

The Maryland Black Mayors, Inc. (MBM) in partnership with the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of Maryland was awarded an Outreach and Restoration grant by the Chesapeake Bay Trust. The goal of the grant was to work together to advance the capacity of MBM municipalities in addressing stormwater runoff.  Getting the MOST for Maryland Black Mayors has been a pilot project which provides in-depth training to a small cohort of MBM member communities on establishing community-based stormwater management programs. Six municipalities completed the training and have developed a stormwater plan for their respective towns. MBM’s leadership first identified the need for greater stormwater education for municipal governments as they have a vested interest in clean and healthy communities and are now uniquely equipped to engage and educate community members in watershed issues.

These MBM communities will take the next step in building the capacity of these municipalities and help establish a stronger pipeline of community stormwater management leaders, moving participating MBM towns from education, to public outreach, and ultimately implementation of residential best management practices (BMPs) through a new grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.  While MBM will continue to work with the EFC a new partnership with the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) has been formed to reach out to six MBM member towns to do educational outreach in those communities, as well as to work with five residents in each town that complete the MOST training to assist with the installation of stormwater management on their properties.

More information about Municipal Online Stormwater Training (MOST) can be found at MOSTCENTER.ORG

Additional information about programs that the Chesapeake Bay Trust offers can be found at

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